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Our Strategy

One Heritage Group is to develop rental accommodation which will be attractive to younger socially mobile professionals and those seeking more flexible living arrangements.

The Directors consider that the product range of self-contained apartments and co-living accommodation, along with high quality lettings and property management, will provide a broad appeal to this demographic group.

The initial geographical focus of the group will be primarily within high demand areas across the North of England, which is underpinned by strong economic and employment growth in Manchester, which is forecasted by the ONS to be oner of the UK’s strongest performing cities over the next few years.

The ONS have further predicted that the growth in the number of households in Greater Manchester between 2020 and 2038 will be 10.4% compared to 7.7% over the previous 10 years. Increased demand across Manchester is linked to a 10.7% increase in employment and is accompanied by structural undersupply of housing, where over the last 10 years the number of net new dwellings has been 15% less than the growth in households – emphasising demand across the region.

The Group is committed to providing accommodation which is aligned with demand in the region, and in particular the type of accommodation required to support a growing population. One Heritage Group is focused on establishing itself as a recognised provider of innovative and high-quality residential developments in the region and at strategic locations across the UK.

The Group will focus on areas outside of city centres where there are good transport links or where there is a major local employer to underpin demand, allowing a high-quality housing product to be delivered at a competitive price.

Over the next three years, the Group intends to expand its activities to other locations throughout the UK that demonstrate similar characteristics to those currently identified in the North West of England, such as in Yorkshire and the East and West Midlands.

The Group also employs experienced development and letting professionals, and where appropriate complements this experience with external providers to deliver the Group’s principal activities.

One Heritage Group is involved at each stage of a property transaction and project. From the acquisition of land or existing property, this includes:



Obtaining any required revisions to existing planning permission


Undertaking the development or refurbishment to deliver high-quality living spaces


Disposal of developed or refurbished property to investors


Provision of lettings & management services to investors and owners of self-contained apartments or Co-living accommodation

Our Portfolio

The One Heritage portfolio is focused on the residential sector primarily in the North West, seeking out value and maximising opportunities for our investors.


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